Communication & Interviews

         The convicted prisoners are allowed one meeting per week and undertrial prisoners are allowed two meetings per week with family members, relatives & friends after producing valid ID Proof like Aadhar, Driving License, Voter Card, Employee ID Card issued by Government Agencies etc. The alphabetical order of interview is as under

A to J                                                     Monday and Thursday (9:00AM -12:00 PM and 3:00 PM-4:30 PM)

K to R                                                    Tuesday and Friday (9:00AM -12:00 PM and 3:00 PM-4:30 PM)

S to Z                                                    Wednesday and Saturday (9:00AM -12:00 PM and 3:00 PM-4:30 PM)

All Female                                              Tuesday and Saturday (3:00 PM)

High Security Prisoners                            Tuesday and Saturday (11:30 AM)

Advocates                                               All working days 4:30 PM

Interview is conducted into batches for 20 minutes. An interviewee must come atleast 30 minutes before the start of interview for registration with valid ID proof. Only 3 Kg fruit is allowed to carry. Any communication device, Cash etc. is not allowed to carry. Lockers are provided to keep such things which are prohibited in jail but otherwise not illegal as per law.

Additional interviews are permitted with their counsels as and when required on producing a valid Vakalatnama (Power of Attorney) and a valid license issued from Bar Council. Special interview/meetings are also allowed in emergencies. The prisoners are also permitted to correspond with the relations outside and receive communications in reply which are handed over to them: after Censoring of communication by jail authorities.


STD Facilities For Inmates



           The STD facility has been allowed to the inmates of the jail. Prisoners can talk to their family members twice a week for five minutes each time. First call is allowed free of cost and for second call Rs. 1/- is charged per minute from the inmate. The whole conversation between the prisoner and family member is recorded in the system. An Inmate can save 2 contact nos. of his/her close relative/counsellor. Call is allowed only after biometric identification by the calling booth and the call got disconnected after 5 mins automatically. The inmate has to Provide the copy of bill in case of Postpaid number and copy of Client Application Form (CAF)/Client Information Form (CIF) from the concerned service Provider in case of prepaid number. The schedule of calling in alphabetical order of name of inmate is as under :-

A to J                          Saturday, Wednesday

K to R                         Monday, Thursday

S to Z                         Wednesday Friday